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American Shangri-La: Mount Shasta

"The Indians say the Great Spirit made the mountain first of all."
-- Joaquin Miller, on Mount Shasta

And he did a really good job, too. Towering 14,162 feet above sea level, its coat of brilliant white glaciers gleaming in the clear Cascade Mountain air, unspoiled forests stretching away at its feet, Mount Shasta is some of the Great Spirit's best work, no doubt about it. Nestled at the junction of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade chains about fifty miles south of the Oregon border, Mount Shasta still remains fairly remote from urban civilization. However, it's apparently convenient to the astral plane; it's the home of any number of elevated spiritual entities, Lemurian colonies, gentle Bigfeet, and Ascended Masters. If there's an American branch office of Shangri-La, Mount Shasta is definitely it.

Even the name says it: "Shasta" has been variously derived from the French "chaste" and the Russian "tshastal," both meaning "pure." Its Indian name, to the local Wintun (who got named the Shasta Indians, after the mountain), was Wyreka, the "mountain to the north." That obviously can't have been its right name, since unlike "Shasta," it doesn't add kabbalistically to 370, the same as "shalom." A veritable mountain of purity and peace, then; it hasn't even erupted since 1786, as far as anyone can tell. As volcanoes go, it pretty much doesn't.

"Everyone knows about the Lemurians around here, son. Why, Mount Shasta is their secret home, or something like that."
-- California Highway Patrolman to David Hatcher Childress, Apr 29, 1992

Which must be why the Lemurians built their secret retreat there, after the sinking of Lemuria, or rather, after the sinking of Mu in the nearby Pacific. (A fellow named Morris Doreal claims that Mount Shasta was built by the Atlanteans, not the Lemurians. It is to laugh.) The survivors of sinking Lemuria/Mu (known specifically as the Yaktavians) retreated to the large Lemurian colony in northern California (at that time an island cut off from the American mainland by an immense imaginary sea that John Dee insisted on putting in his maps) and, realizing that any number of post-sinking hard rains were gonna fall, carved out a city (or two; some sources give Yaktavia and Ilethelme as the Twin Cities of the "Secret Commonwealth" of Shasta) in the bowels of the volcano. The Yaktavians used their incomparable bell-making technology to do so, constructing bells "made of a transparent substance that reflects no light" and using their arcane tunings and frequencies to carve Mount Shasta's interior into enormous chambers and airship havens, all powered by a crystal the size of the Empire State Building. Some Yaktavian bells can create light, or (one imagines) any other kind of radiation whether occult, etheric, or electromagnetic. A Yaktavian bell would make a swell McGuffin for any kind of occult or secret tech game, and the Yaktavians might even be the source of the Crystal Bell in Warehouse 23.

"[T]he walls, polished as by jewelers, though excavated as by giants; floors carpeted with long, fleecy fabric that looked like fur, but was a mineral product; ledges intersected by the builders, and in their wonderful polish exhibited veinings of gold, of silver, of green copper ores, and maculations of precious stones. Verily, a mystic temple . . ."
-- Frederick Spencer Oliver, A Dweller on Two Planets (1894)

Back to kabbalah, briefly, for another look inside Mount Shasta, at its numerical core. When we add up the digits of its height in feet, we get 1+4+1+6+2 = 14, or "zahab," meaning "gold." And there's gold in that thar hill, if visionary Theosophists without a shred of proof are to be believed, and why the heck not? Shangri-La is built on trust. And, apparently, on gold. Frederick Spencer Oliver channeled a vision in 1884 from "Phylos of Thibet," regarding Phylos' past life as a forty-niner named Pierson, initiated into the secrets of Mount Shasta by a Chinese laborer named Quong. Quong led Pierson into Mount Shasta to discover a secret golden city of Initiates. In 1894, Oliver published his vision, and set off the modern era of Theosophical vision-questing around Mount Shasta. An occult-minded astronomer of sorts named Edgar Lucien Larkin claimed to have seen the Lemurian cities' "golden dome" through its vibratory barrier on the slopes of Mount Shasta through his telescope on Mount Lowe -- quite a feat, given that Mount Lowe is in Los Angeles County hundreds of miles away.

One Abraham Mansfield, lost on the mountainside in 1931, met a seven-foot tall Lemurian, who took him into the mountain and showed him not only the standard golden city, but also giant chairs of gold and the golden Plates of Time, which he never quite described (except to say they were full of "Etrucian" wisdom -- possibly the Etruscans, over in America through the tunnel network from Mount Vesuvius to Mount Shasta) but which would be great things to use to create Occultist Alternate Histories. One J.C. Brown claimed to have found, in 1904, a cave entrance to chambers full of ten-foot tall mummies, golden tablets, golden shields, and other mystical impedimentia. Rather than let his employers, the British Lord Cowdray Mining Company, have it, he concealed the find and traveled the world for thirty years researching Lemurian wisdom. Finally, in 1934, with Lord Cowdray safely dead seven years, Brown recruited 80 men in Stockton to help him properly excavate the cave. After six weeks of planning, though, Brown dropped out of sight, vanishing forever on the day the expedition was supposed to leave.

"Those who have come to stores in nearby cities . . . have spoken English in a perfect manner with perhaps a tinge of the British accent, and have been reluctant to answer questions or give any information about themselves. The goods they have purchased have always been paid for in gold nuggets of far greater value than the article purchased . . ."
-- H. Spencer Lewis, Lemuria: Lost Continent of the Pacific

Brown's disappearance adds something of a sinister tinge to the reports that the white-robed strangers (tall, with unusually shaped skulls) often seen around Mount Shasta spoke with British accents. Lord Cowdray, by the way, owned virtually all the oil in Mexico, and was one of Britain's richest men during that time; a prime candidate for Conspiratorial Anti-Lemurian British Round Table Skullduggery.

Speaking of sinister tinges, of course, there's the I AM cult started by itinerant salesman Guy Ballard after having a vision of a very Nordic looking Ascended Master Count Saint-Germain on the slopes of Mount Shasta on August 16, 1930. Ballard's I AM movement concentrated on using "psychic cleansing" to destroy unhealthy spiritual influences like Communism, labor unions, and foreigners (eradicating hundreds of thousands of spirits in a rally in Philadelphia), all in the name of the Great White Brotherhood. ("Tshastal" also means "white." Hmmm.) I AM had 400,000 members closely associated with American fascist William Dudley Pelley's theosophical Silver Shirt movement (Pelley and Ballard met on Mount Shasta) when Ballard spoiled it all by dying suddenly (and not Ascending) on December 29, 1939. In 1940 the Federal government launched loyalty investigations into I AM and the Silver Shirts, crippling the movements in the name of the war effort. Interestingly, the Rosicrucian Shasta Lemurians come from "Telos," (another name for Yaktavia), and the I AM Ascended Masters come from Venus. The weaselly Nordic-Nazi aliens have called themselves both "Telosians" and "Venusians." Could the Nordic-looking "Lemurians" have been Evil Luciferian Racists all along? Of course not. I don't believe your negativity. Next you'll be saying that the aliens aren't our friends.

"[T]his led to the 1954 . . . landings and treaty negotiations -- under the Eisenhower administration -- with the space-based Greys and Reptiloids, even though previous treaties . . . were signed with the humanoid [Telos/Ashtar/Agharti/Melchizedek] groups under Mt. Shasta, California . . . According to former Dulce base security officer Thomas Castello, the Shasta treaty dates back to the Grover Cleveland presidency."
-- "Branton," The Omega File

When in fact, the majority of the evidence points the other way; even such an eagle-eyed observer as "Commander X" avers that Mount Shasta's secret UFO base is in the hands of the "good guys." The alien good guys, of course: they've been our friends ever since they signed a treaty with President Cleveland back in 1886. (They probably had a treaty before that with Emperor Norton, while they were secretly infiltrating Gold Rush era San Francisco, no doubt through its Chinatown.) Possibly their time-vibratory bells sent various bones, artifacts, and machined parts back to 55 million years ago to be discovered in the gold tailings in Mount Temple between 1853 and 1870, as indeed they were.

Their "vailxi" craft (combo air and space ships) resemble the Great Airship of 1897 (seen over Stockton in November of 1896) not a little, as do the UFOs seen by David Williamson on October 12, 1956 and by Jack Brown (no relation to the missing J.C. Brown?) on November 29, 1966 -- over Mount Shasta. (On the other hand, the local Indians used to say the lights over Mount Shasta came from the planet Venus.) The modern UFO era began just on the other side of the Cascades, over Yakima, Washington. Mount Shasta's not short of other ultraterrestrials, either; the Yaktavians are described in some sources as "elfin," picknickers have seen "dwarves" on the mountain, and the local Bigfoot (or the Wintun monster, the Shupcher) would both fit the "giant" description. The Mount Shasta base could be a Lost City, a Loi outpost, or a dimensional gate (activated by vibratory bell or flute energy) to the Hollow Earth or other times (through, no doubt, the Plates of Time). If you join Mount Shasta to the other "sacred mountains" throughout the world -- Olympus, Moriah, Meru, Taishan, and so forth -- you aren't even restricted to the Pacific Northwest. Because no matter where you go, you're always just one ring away from the invisible empire of the Great White Lemurian Brotherhood. That doesn't comfort you? Maybe we need to spend a little more time on Mount Shasta.