Inspirations and additional sources
Burke, Christopher & Robert J. Garitta. GURPS Autoduel (2nd ed.), Steve Jackson Games.
     Explorable Wyoming; poker tournament set up to shift into autoduels.
Dedman, Stephen. Badlands in Pyramid Online.
     Entire Comanche-Salvation-Rosary story arc; Lupita.
Dupuis, Ann, et al. GURPS Old West, Steve Jackson Games.
     General background; Johnny's Indian background.
Hackard, Andrew & Stephen Dedman. GURPS Deadlands, Steve Jackson Games.
     Map for Paradise.
Shiftworld soundtrack Vol. 1. Track 12: Dark Night, The Blasters.
     Jeremiah Dark.
Tombstone. Directed by George P. Cosmatos.
     A few one-liners; Simone (Dana Delaney's character); the idea of brothers; Oily Pete (Billy Bob Thornton's character)

Shiftworld and all materials pertaining TM Michel M. Albert. GURPS TM Steve Jackson Games.