In which I attempt to go through my DC Comics collection (mostly running from 1983 through 1997) and hash out stats for all characters in Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG terms. How is this done? Check out the Ground Rules. New! as of 25/08/06.

All entries by series/issue number, but also available is a Character Index. All series available not yet listed.
Action Comics (new pictures!)
Action Comics Weekly
New! Adventure Comics
Adventures in the DC Universe
Adventures of Superman
Adventures of the Outsiders
Agent Liberty
All-Star Comics
All-Star Squadron
Amalgam Comics*
Ambush Bug
Ambush Bug Nothing Special
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer
American Freak: A Tale of the Un-Men
Angel and the Ape (2nd series)
Animal Man
Aquaman (2nd series)
Aquaman (3rd series)
Aquaman (4th series)
Aquaman (5th series)
Aquaman Special
Arak Son of Thunder
Arion Lord of Atlantis
Arion the Immortal
Arkham Asylum
Armageddon 2001 (and all related Annuals)*
Armageddon: Inferno
Armageddon: The Alien Agenda
Atom Special
Superman (1st series)
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Ground Rules

Series index
-Series entirely based on licensed material are not included (TSR, Impact Comics, Star Trek).
-Creator-owned series existing entirely outside the DC Universe are not included (Invisibles, Enigma, Preacher).
-Creator-owned series existing inside the DC Universe are included however (Mobfire, Sovereign Seven).
-Licensed properties and crossing-over characters will be included so long as they interact with DC characters (Batman vs. Predator, DC vs. Marvel).
-Series taking place outside the DC Universe, but using DC properties are included (Shade the Changing Man, series based on the animated television series, Watchmen, Elseworlds).
-Projects within regular DC Universe series' Annuals occuring entirely or greatly outside the DC Universe will be archived under that project's title (Armageddon 2001, Elseworlds, Legends of a Dead Earth, as well as Tangent and Amalgam comics). These are marked by an asterisk (*)

Character index
-Characters are listed alphabetically by codename, or by first name. A distinction is made between pre- and post-Crisis versions of a character, including post-Zero Hour versions when necessary.
-Note that the transition between pre- and post-Crisis versions of a character doesn't necessarily occur with the Crisis. The post-Crisis Hawkman, for example, does not appear until the Hawkworld mini-series, years later. Similarly, some characters appeared prior to the Crisis, but were not particularly changed by the event (most of the Titans, for example).
-Characters with more than one version (Elseworlds, but also to represent changes in powers and storylines) are linked to their own index, itself linked to all versions as well as to various notes on slight or temporary changes in their stats. The number of versions is indicated in the main Character index.
-Elseworlds are coded by a number reminiscent of pre-Crisis terminology. If Crisis on Infinite Earths basically numbered Earths 1 through 5, then Elseworlds start at Earth-6. "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" and The Dark Knight Returns are considered to be the first 2 Elseworlds for purposes of this index. The divergent realities appearing during Zero Hour are marked as Earth-01, 02, etc. in their order of appearance on this website.
-When a character has already appeared with those attributes, a cross-reference to the appropriate ones will be included. Duplication will only occur at the start of a series index, and only for the star of the book.

Character statistics
-Whenever possible, statistics for characters have been pulled from DC Heroes sourcebooks and adventures (credit given). I have edited most of these however to represent a specific time in a character's life, or have had to extrapolate modern statistics from 1st edition source material. Any changes will be so marked in red script.
-I will never pilfer character run-downs from other fans on the web however. If no official source material is available, I will design the characters myself.
-Do not be surprised if pre-Crisis statistics appear to be inflated, this is normal for an era in which Superman could juggle planets.

All characters and concepts TM DC Comics; DC Heroes TM Mayfair Games Inc. Comments, corrections or criticism? Write me!