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Welcome to the many Star Trek: Customizable Card Game projects I have undertaken over the last few years. From this space, you can navigate a slew of articles, and thousands of dream cards I was involved with. These have all been abandonned after, for some of them, as many as 7 years. You can still set a heading (click a link) and engage... 

Siskoid's Rolodex My main claim to fame on Decipher's BBS was a series of daily articles ultimately rating every card in the game by its Picture, Lore, Trek Sense and Usefulness. Archived weekly. One project I was trying to complete parallel to the Rolodex is Where's That Picture From? which lists from what episode each picture comes from. Both ended in Fall of 2005.

AtoZ.Dream cards created using the Star Trek Encyclopedia destined to supply a card for every entry in the book! Currently stopped in the M's, the site has new card types, a rarity chart for each "expansion" and cool card statistics.

MEGA-cards! Cards that could never be printed because they have too much game text, these are extremely complete and overpowered versions of all your favorite Star Trek characters from all series. Take with a grain of salt. ;-)

The Kai's Revised Premiere A great project by The Kai which I have offered to host in which he goes through all the cards in the Premiere set and redesigns them to bring them in tune with today's playing environment. Not updated in a while, The Kai being as incommunicado as myself.

Stardate cards A card type I experimented with a while back which produced story-telling cards for every episode. Unfinished, I created one every once and a while for about a year.

A Siskoid By Any Other Name Still hosted by Captain Targ's Outpost, these articles look at the bridge crew personnel and try to list every possible "-oid", or version of the character, in order to guess at future AU personnel or personae in the game. Got through TNG and DS9. 

A project that grew out of it somewhat is An Episodeful of Personae which creates versions of each member of the regular cast of DS9 as they appeared in each distinct episode (unless they didn't appear at all). Only the ones from the opening credits, but that's still about 1200 personnel cards.

Trek for the Wars Every day for a few months, on the Star Trek Dream Card BBS, I posted a Star Wars card title. YOUR job was to offer Star Trek dream cards for those titles. Each day's best won a space on the following web page. On hold just like the rest of the STCCG projects.

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