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It's one thing to be a superhero, it's another to act like one. I mean hey I didn't ask for this! Trying to be something you're not comfortable doing is one of my pet peeves. And speaking of pet peeves, here are a few of them that if you do to me get ready for a dose of nanites:

Not acknowledging a hello:


It's common courtesy that if someone says hello, you answer back. You do that to me once once I'll let it slide 'cause we all have bad days. A second time will be noted. The third time it happens get ready to get a visit from my friend The Silent Treatment. The only way to combat this quiet killer is with a simple hello, then all is forgotten.




Here is my arch nemesis Kal-El the human lying machine. He keeps on going on about stuff he knows nothing about. The worse part of it that he thinks everything he says makes sense.



B-Bert's corny ideas:


Sure we're a team, and we should dress alike. However this little get-up designed by B-Bert made us look ridiculous. Despite my strongest convictions he convinced me to try it on against my will. Next thing I know our pictures are in the Worst Dressed list in the National Enquirer.


No I'm not that guy from the Fast and the Furious:


People have said that I look like Vin Deisel, Marlon Brando, Charlie Sheen and even that black buy from the TV show Hang Time. However I feel that the person who ressembles me is none other than attorney Chris Jenkins. I can't tell you how many times he got me out of super hero lawsuits. You save a girl from a burning building and she gets upset because I didn't give her time to change. Well sorry...not!

Answering a question that nobody asked you to answer:


If you happen to be around me and somebody asks me a question, don't you dare cut me off to answer for me. Unless that person is crossed-eyed they are talking to ME!



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