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Lvl 11 Natural Scrapper


Bio: Emili was mortally wounded by the energies of the battle that day, but one of the responsible heroes took her in, saved her life, trained her, and grafted claws into her hands to make up for what he'd done.


Powers: Claws - Swipe, Spin, Follow-up

Super Reflexes - Focused Fighting, Focused Senses, Agile

Other - Maneuvers, Prestige Power Slide


Badges: VIP, Protector of Innocents, Parapsychologist, Seeker of Monsters, Nimble Minx


Personal section

(The Queen shows her true colors in these "cartoon" moments.)





Lvl 12 Magic Controller


Bio: Carolynn - whose mom owns their dentist's office - was pelted with mystical energies that gave her the power to control people around her. She's all about the control.


Powers: Mind Control - Mesmerize, Levitate, Dominate, Mass Hypnosis

Kinetics - Transfusion, Siphon Power

Other - Hover, Prestige Power Slide, Air Superiority


Badges: VIP, Patriot, Smokey, Protector of Innocents, Top Dog, Freedom, Silent Sentinel, Undefeated, Bird Watcher, Blue Shield, Tank, Brawler, Land Locked, King Mystic, Keen Sighted, Backwoodsman, Parapsychologist, Gangland Fury, Geologist, Hero Corps Recruit, Frozen Fury, Tourist, Celebrant


Personal section

(McNasty's hobby is to "tag" various places by taking a magic picture at the oddest location around Paragon City.)



Lvl 12 Mutation Tanker


Bio: Elyse, for her part, was mutated by the strange energies from that super-battle, but mutated into what? Now she is literally hot and kicks hard booty.


Powers: Fiery Aura - Blazing Aura, Healing Flames

Superstrength - Punch, Taunt, Haymaker

Other - Teleport Foe, Recall Friend


Badges: Patriot, Celebrant, Protector of Innocents


Personal section

(Havana's list of failed romances in Paragon City.)







Lvl 6 Science Blaster


Bio: Doyle's own experience opened within him a door to his darkest feelings, which he can now blast out of himself. Instead of cleaning teeth, he now breaks them!!!


Powers: Dark Miasma - Twilight Grasp, Darkest Night

Dark Blast - Dark Blast, Moonbeam

Other - Air Superiority


Badges: Hero Corps Insider, Hero Corps Recruit


Personal section





Lvl 6 Science Blaster


Bio: When Bert went up on the roof to fix the radio antenna, he got zapped by a heavy dose of radiogenic energy that took away a few brain cells, but left him with so much more in exchange. 


Powers: Energy Blast - Power Bolt, Energy Torrent, Power Blast, Power Burst

Devices - Web Grenade

Other - Prestige Power Slide


Badges: VIP, Isolator, Hero Corps Insider


Personal section (Bébert's Repair Shop!)




Lvl 8 Technology Scrapper


Bio: When you're a moron, you don't think twice before drinking a beaker of nanites that turn you into a superhuman that sweats the damn things all over the place. Colon Power! 


Powers: Dark Melee - Shadow Punch, Shadow Maul, Smite

Dark Armor - Dark Embrace

Other - Prestige Power Slide, Jump Kick


Badges: VIP, Hero Corps Insider, Negotiator, Celebrant


Personal section (Bauble's pet peeves.)




Lvl 11 Science Controller


Bio: So there are these aliens, see? And they regularly pick someone from a random planet, give 'em a random power and make 'em their world's champion. In Mike's case, they couldn't agree on a power, so they wound up giving him a ton. Every day, he wakes up with some new ability, not always useful. Ah well. Might as well fight crime. And to hide his identity, he'll let them think his nickname is Mitch instead of Mike. Yeah, that'll work...


Powers: Illusion Control - Spectral Wounds, Blind, Flash

Storm Summoning - Gale, Snow Storm

Other - Prestige Power Slide, Flurry, Recall Friend (see Personal section)


Badges: VIP, Territorial, Celebrant, Protector of Innocents, Hero Corps Insider


Personal section (Mighty Mitch's many powers)




Lvl 10 Science Defender


Bio: A physics teacher who got a bit overzealous about new teaching methods and decided that it was a good idea to teach nuclear power by having his students build a nuclear reactor. Needless to say, it was a disaster and all the students died in the meltdown. Mr. Ouellet, however, was transformed with the powers to manipulate the laws of physics. Now ripped of his teaching certificate, he roams the streets of Paragon City to use his powers for the greater good and hopefully find some forgiveness for the death of his students.


Powers: Kinetics - Transfusion, Siphon Power, Siphon Speed

Radiation Blast - Neutrino Bolt, X-Ray Beam

Other - Prestige Power Slide, Grant Invisibility, Swift


Badges: Isolator, VIP, Territorial, Negotiator, Protector of Innocents


Personal section



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