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As the most datable member of Team LISA, I've gone out with my share of boys, but make no mistake, I don't go all the way until I'm sure it's true love. Here's a collection of losers I didn't go all the way with!


Red-Headed Hero


Yeah, he was pretty ok, but I never liked red-heads. Or carrots.


Might recommend him to one of my girls. Not Queenie though, she's done with that.

Night Watchman


Fell for him because of the pretty-boy look. His boyband ALMOST took off, and then I had to say sayonara. Not gonna be a groupie all my life.

The Simplifier


Me? In a simple relationship? Nope, not gonna happen.


And not hot about going to the Rockin' Rodeo either.




They weren't all super-heroes of course, but this guy just didn't give me the attention I deserved. Always on the phone with his mom!


Blood Brother Chopper


I'll admit to be attracted to bad boys, but I can only take so much testosterone-fueled macho posturing before it gets old. Gang members suck.




Ok, didn't even know what I was thinking there.




Why is it I'm always attracted to the logical guys? The relationship turned cold in a heartbeat... not that he had one.




He was very loving, but I only really went out with him to make him realize he was gay.


(True story!)


Family Guy


It's what you call settling.


But eventually, I had to force him to break up with me. I just didn't want to be the bad guy.




One date is all you get sometimes, so make it good. Not washing for it is one thing. Bringing me to the sewers is another. But puking on me? Nope, I gotta draw the line somewhere.


Santa Claws


Hey! I was on his knees exactly ONCE at our office Christmas party. That doesn't make him a boyfriend!!



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