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Hi, I'm Bébert and welcome to Bébert's Repair Shop. I like to fix things, I like to make things, on occasion I like to break things. This is a journal of my successes and failures. And I don't just make the stuff that's in my utility belt either! There's a lot more:

My girlfriend's Chevette:


Yeah, I admit it got got wrecked on my watch, but it wasn't even in the car! I was drinking with the rest of the LISA, and some random brayon hit it in the parking lot.


Let me tell ya, it was harder to repair my relationship than the car! I did a good job, I think. Of course, it started out as a cherry red Corvette...


Sewer repair:


I always get called in to the worst jobs. Why can't I fight Clockwork or something?




My real job:


I did get that antenna fixed, after all.


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