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In this section, we present friends of Team LISA that just don't exist in the same universe! They once met during Crisis on Infinite Servers, but that's it. They still manage to keep in touch through  a tiny interdimensional mailbox at the dentist's.



Lvl 18 Science Controller (on Justice)


Bio: When he was a teenager, his shrink gave him pills that were powerful...TOO powerful. Now, his emotions are so strong that he can send them telepathically and drown his ennemies in them. His invisibility isn't a power though, he's just used to being ignored.


Powers: Mind Control - Mesmerize, Dominate, Mass Hypnosis

Force Fields - Personal Force Field, Deflection Shield, Insulation Shield

Other - Stealth, Prestige Power Slide, Recall Friend, Teleport, Swift, Health


Badges: Hero Corps Insider, Patriot, Top Dog, Freedom, Mystic King, Smokey, Territorial, Justice Avenger, Hero Corps Recruit, Pupil, Frozen Fury, Tourist, Protector of Innocents, VIP


Friend of: Queen of Mean




Lvl 10 Science Scrapper (on Justice)


Bio: Chank is the tallest boyfriend Havana has ever had. Awful in bed, but great at pinning a villain to a wall!


Powers: Spinal attacks - Spine Burst, Lunge, Impale

Protection - Death Shroud, Dark Embrace

Other - Recall Friend, Hover


Badges: Hero Corps Insider, Smokey, Protector of Innocents


(Boy)Friend of: Havana Nights






Lvl 7 Technological Tanker (on Justice)


Bio: Sculptor Joshua Lieber's experiments with Golem clay prove fruitful, and he created a suit of clay armor, becoming a living Golem. But the clay has a mind of its own, forcing Lieber to fight evil relentlessly. He has no life except that of... Golgothor!


Powers: Stone Armor - Stone Skin, Earth's Embrace, Mud Pots

Stone Melee - Stone Fist, Stone Mallet

Other - Prestige Power Slide


Badges: VIP


Friend of: McNasty




Lvl 7 Mutation Blaster (on Justice)


Bio: He hid it from his family. He hid it from the army. He hid it from everyone he's ever loved. He's done hiding.


Powers: Fire Blast - Flares, Fire Blast, Rain of Fire

Fire Manipulation - Ring of Fire, Fire Sword

Other - Prestige Power Slide


Badges: VIP


Friend of: McNasty







Lvl 5 Science Blaster (on Justice)


Bio: Speedy Marie / Ahead of the now / She's better built that's how / She's built for speed / Speedy Marie / Speedy Marie


Powers: Electrical Blast - Charged Bolts, Lightning Bolt, Ball Lightning

Devices - Web Grenade

Other - Prestige Power Slide


Badges: VIP


Friend of: McNasty





The Wonderful ZEN-GIRL

Lvl 23 Natural Scrapper (on Justice)


Bio: Emma is like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, but with martial arts instead of law. Plus throw in a little Clueless for good measure. "Hehe, I'm just a girl!"


Powers: Martial Arts - Thunder Kick, Cobra Strike, Crane Kick, Focus Chi, Storm Kick, Warrior's Challenge

Regeneration - Fast Healing, Reconstruction, Quick Recovery, Dull Pain, Integration

Other - Flurry, Prestige Power Slide, Super Speed


Badges: VIP, Patriot, Upgraded, Territorial, Tough, Protector of Innocents, Frozen Fury, Knight Errant, Seeker of Monsters, Hero Corps Recruit, Tourist, Healing Node, Hero Corps Insider, Restrained, Keeper of Peace, Plague Stopper, Pwnz, Around the Bendis, Indestructible


Friend of: McNasty





Lvl 25 Magic Scrapper (on Pinnacle)


Bio: An angel who let his "superiority" to humans stroke his ego a bit too much. He was sent to Earth, weakened, to learn modesty and an appreciation of all divine creations.


Powers: Broad Sword - Hack, Slice, Build Up, Parry, Confront, Hurdle

Regeneration - Fast Healing, Reconstruction, Integration, Quick Recovery, Dull Pain

Other - Prestige Power Slide, Hover, Flight, Swift


Badges: Hero Corps Insider, Patriot, VIP, Top Dog, Freedom, Smokey, Protector of Innocents, Spelunker, Tough, Tourist, Justice Avenger, Nimble Minx, Healing Node, Territorial, Synapse's Cohort, Plague Stopper, Keeper of Peace, Clockstopper, Gearsmasher, Pwnz, Indestructable, Spirit Warrior


Friend of: Queen of Mean



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