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Want to be a member? You gotta follow our rules and policies. They're not hard to learn though.


There are three ranks in Team LISA:

   Captains: Only the three original girls can be Captain.

   Assistants: Any member based on a real member of the LISA (B-Bert and Party Hardy, for example). Other Heroes can become assistants after proving their worth for an extended period of time.

   Groupies: All the rest!


Who can join?

Team LISA is something of a private club, but isn't exclusive. All Heroes must play on the Freedom server. Any Hero run by someone who knows any member of the real-life LISA may join pretty automatically. Heroes who don't may be asked to join after prolonged adventuring with Team LISA as an ally.


To be considered, all Heroes must have a Description. Oh, and despite appearances, there is no rule as to which gender can join. ;-)


Rules for Members

Costumes: Only Captains, already designed for the LISA, do not switch on Supergroup Mode while teaming up as Team LISA. All other members, when teaming up with Team LISA must put on the powder blues by switching to Supergroup Mode.


Missions: After each mission has been completed, members are required to cry out the team motto: LISA FOREVER!!! If the mission is still a hot zone, it is ok to click out and cry out once outside. The battle cry may be uttered before missions or after big battles at each hero's discretion.


Values: Team LISA plays for fun, first and foremost, and believes in fair play. Influence gifts are usually shared across the whole team, and we do not hesitate to give Inspirations to fellow members in need, or share unwanted Enhancements.

Our creed is the Seven Pillars of Improvisation (modified):






Oral Hygene

and always vote Yan Abud for People's Choice


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