Team LISA is a City of Heroes SuperGroup on the Freedom server. Welcome to our web site! Here, you will find our roster, our rules and policies and our private (ok, not so private) journals! And we might pick up some friends along the way.


Our origin? We were all dental assistants at the same office when a super-battle invaded them, and well all bombarded with various kinds of energy, each giving us powers beyond those or mortal men and women. We just had to band together to fight for truth, justice and oral hygiene as Team LISA. 





    Emili Bellefleur... the QUEEN OF MEAN!

    Carolynn McNally... McNASTY!

    Elyse Hamel... HAVANA NIGHTS!







                  MIGHTY MITCH

                  The UNIBROW







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28/05/05 - 4 new powers for Mighty Mitch


24/04/05 - 3 new powers for Mighty Mitch


21/04/05 - A new pic in McNasty's section, and 4 new powers for Mighty Mitch.


18/04/05 - 2 new powers in Mighty Mitch's personal section.


17/04/05 - A new boyfriend for Havana, 2 new Members (The Unibrow and Mighty Mitch), and a whole personal section for the latter.


12/02/05 - A new boyfriend for Havana, and a lot of new stuff in Bauble's personal section.


10/02/05 - New stuff in the following characters' personal sections: McNasty, Havana Nights and B-Bert.


02/02/05 - B-Bert joins the team, and gets his own section, as does Bauble. New pics in McNasty's section too.


01/02/05 - Havana Nights' section is open for business! New Member: Bauble! And a new friend too.


23/01/05 - McNasty's personal section has a new pic (thanks Pout), plus the real her, and a new pic in the Queen's section too. (Access to these in the Members section).


20/01/05 - McNasty's personal section has all-new pics.


15/01/05 - A new pic in Our Adventures. The Queen of Mean's section is open!


14/01/05 - The whole website is new!

And later in the day - Many more Friends were added, and two pictures in McNasty's section.


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