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Since his power is basically to wake up every morning with a different power, a more complete list must be kept up. Here are the ones that are known to date (and no, super-bad fashion sense isn't one of them - he was born with that one).


Spectral Wounds

The bad guys only THINK they're hurt, but you can die in your head.

Flash Vision

Blinds 'em, and even kills 'em!

Gust of Wind

Throws 'em for a loop.

Power Slide

Surfin' the streets on energy.

Amazing Height

Abnormally tall!


Those tiger stripes aren't just for show. MM can talk to cats.


He can swim with the fishes, just like his idol, Aquaman.

Partial Phase

He can move through walls... but only up to his elbow.

Power Snot

Watch out for that magical sneeze!!

O2 Boost

Re-oxigenating an ally revitilizes. Mighty Mitch, take me away!

Air Superiority

Doesn't matter if you fly, you'll get knocked back by this strike.


From costume to Team LISA uniform in less than a second.

Toxin Immunity

Taking a shower in raw sewage? Not a problem for Mighty Mitch.

Weird Head Thing

Scares the kiddies! He can turn into an empty floating head.

Summon Tentacles

They come from hell itself to do Mighty Mitch's bidding.


Gotta learn to switch off the Power Slide though.

Flash Bulb

A little ball of energy that, when thrown, blinds the enemy.

Storm of Light

Yeah, Mighty Mitch is in the middle of all that somewhere.

Snow Storm

Ok, so it falls pretty weakly, but it's still cold!

Steam Release

Don't get behind MM, that steam is scalding.

Blowing His Top

When he's in a bad mood, he produces a dark smog.

See Shadows

He can detect the shadows cast by objects above him.

Sonic Scream

His shout can knock you out!

Teleport Friend

He can bring teammates to himself.

Ice Sword

Cuts like a knife, and freezes your blood!

Highwire Act

An uncanny sense of balance that could serve him well in the circus.


An air tremor that sends the bad guys to the floor.

Flurry of Fists

40 punches a second! Another way to put the hurt on evil.


Mitch can make himself pretty small.


It's a little like flying, but like a helicopter, not a plane.


Mitch can create ice traps to immobilize foes.

Magic Fingerprint

Looking for criminals? His chest detects their prints.


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